Into the Fire: A Ceramics and Textile Group Exhibition

13 January - 5 February 2022


Grove Collective is pleased to present the upcoming group exhibition Into the Fire, featuring artists Freya Bramble-Carter, Alice Davies, Henry Glover, Selby H.I., Hannah Lim, Lucy Loewenberg, Celeste McEvoy, Llinos Owen, Sarah Purvey, Jo Taylor, and Jessica Tremaine on view through an OVR on the Grove Collective website from January 13th to February 5th, 2022. This is the first time that Grove Collective has worked all of these artists (excluding Henry Glover, who participated in the gallery’s 2021 Open Call), and marks the first time that they have shown together. 


In building the gallery’s 2022 program, co-Directors Jacob Barnes and Morgane Wagner wanted to use their first exhibition of the year to explore mediums that have otherwise gone underrepresented at Grove Collective to date. Despite having shown ceramic and textile work previously, through the gallery’s Open Call, there had yet to be an opportunity to explore the range of practices that exist within those mediums more fully, particularly within a British context. As such, Into the Fire is posed as a survey of British-based practitioners, attempting to capture a cross-section of ceramic and textile production happening the UK today.


However, that is not to say that Into the Fire exists outside of the broader context of Grove Collective’s work, either with respect to the gallery’s program through 2021, or in its upcoming program. Indeed, the exhibition has offered an opportunity to work further with Henry Glover, an artist who will feature in the gallery’s Berlin space in 2022, as well as to engage with the practices of young, emerging artists such as Hannah Lim, Celeste McEvoy, and Selby H.I., among others. In doing so, the gallery looks to further their mission of fostering exciting young talent, both at home and abroad.


For Grove Collective, Into the Fire proves an early point of excitement before settling into a more balanced program through the rest of the year. In the wake of a seventeen-exhibition 2021, the gallery will be holding nine London-based exhibitions this year (Into the Fire was due to take place in person, being moved online in light of current Covid uncertainties). With that said, the gallery will not be short on experimentation – while London’s program will be slower, old and new faces will merge for an ambitious slate, while the gallery will host at least 5 exhibitions at their Berlin space, along with several Metaverse-first shows and a host of online-first exhibitions.