Salome Dumbadze


Salome Dumbadze (b. 1992) lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. The artist tethers tender translucence with tranquil transcendence. Portals between the actual and the imagined figure prominently, as does a continuous contemplation of the luster of nuanced climates and the presences of the species which populate them. In her palette and technique, she references the evolution of Georgian painting across the centuries. She likewise pays particular attention to framing, propelling the frame’s potential for persuading an adapted perception. 


The artist graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts and continued her education at the Centre of Contemporary Art Tbilisi. She works in painting, sculpture, textile, and the moving image. She has participated in numerous exhibitions individually and collaboratively. Solo exhibitions include Indoor Window (Elene Abashidze Shared Space, 2021), Where it pours gleam (4710 Gallery, 2020) and Observation of the players in the sand (Patara Gallery, 2018). Group exhibitions include  Renewed as Phoenix (The Why Not Gallery, 2019) and OXYGEN_Tbilisi No Fair (2019), amongst others.