Thomas Conant


Navigating the world with a degree in Environmental science (2017), Thomas Conant has documented people’s varying approaches to life, through sketchbooks and photography. After completing the drawing intensive at The Royal Drawing School in 2020, he committed to the art world and developed his practice, concentrating on human connection, passion, and solitude.


Placing himself in observed situations allows him to create subconscious biographical narratives; stories unveiled as his hand moves across his chosen media. Painting with a wide array of techniques and mediums, ideas flow with his emotions and the day-to-day to create dynamic, sometimes distressing works, using colour and perspective as a primary means of experimentation.


Gestural marks rival rich palettes giving figures and their shadows the feeling of being wasted or observed. Harmony and dissonance of colour and narrative aims to evoke emotion from the viewer; inviting them to unpick contemporary motifs and their relationship with the world around them.