Shailee Mehta


Shailee Mehta completed her BFA at The Slade School of Fine Art in 2020. She has taken part in various group shows, including AIRGENTUM at the Hoja de Ruta Residency (Spain 2018), AucArt Exhibition and Sale (2020) and "IBGYBG" at the Function Suite (2020). Her most recent shows include the group exhibition "All Is Not Lost" at Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai (2020) and the solo show "In The Belly of A Slovenly Crow" at The Residence Gallery, London (2020). Mehta currently lives and works in Mumbai.


Shailee’s practice explores the figuration of femininity through the lens of otherness, mythology, and historical forms of fiction. By depicting mundane acts within uncanny spaces, she makes renderings of intimacies like comfort, desire, awkwardness or, at times, solitude. She employs mediums such as painting, drawing, and printmaking to build narratives suggesting a form of storytelling that questions how women grapple with the I and the Other; the inside and the outside; the subject and the object.