Jesse Pollock


Jesse Pollock (b. 1993, UK) is a sculptor and visual artist working in the UK. Recent exhibitions include Pink Gallery (Superzoom Miami, 2021); Sit Right Here And Watch The World Burn (Selfridges, London 2021); Arcadia (Bold Tendencies, London 2021); Nourishment ii (VO Curations, London 2020); and The Garden of England (Steve Turner, Los Angeles 2020 (solo))


Pollock's recent works have been exploring arcadian visions, pastoral ideals yet with a dystopian undertone. These works consist of old fruit picking ladders, flagons and shotguns; all things he associates with ‘the olden days’ of Rural Britain, along with associated traditions. He is trying to explore why he feels so patriotic, how traditions are continued and question what it all means today.